What is OnlineMASK?

For whom is OnlineMASK suitable?

OnlineMASK is ideal for everyone who wants to have their images quickly, reliably and cheaply clipped or masked with excellent quality results. Prices for our services are fixed and don’t vary in relation to the effort. Therefore each order is easy to calculate in advance. There won’t be any hidden costs surprising you.Traditional mail order companies, online shops, advertising agencies, freelance graphic and web designers, repro companies and photographic studios can be found among our customers as can industrial concerns.

How does OnlineMASK actually work?

You select the masking service (e.g. Economy, Comfort) and send your images to OnlineMASK either via your OnlineMASK ftp account or via OnlineMASK-Sync.

What happens to the data?

In the event that you send us your images with OnlineMASK-Sync, your original images will remain upon your local computer while OnlineMASK-Sync will convert them into an optimised masking image for sending.

Where and how does the image editing take place?

All services are carried out under German supervision in the OnlineMASK certified manufacturing facilities in Bulgaria, India and Thailand. Our local employees have been trained according to German standards. The entire image editing process is created entirely by hand using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Which file formats can OnlineMASK process?

OnlineMASK can process the following file formats: TIFF, JPEG and EPS (binary). OnlineFAKO can process the following data formats in any preferred size: TIFF, JPEG, EPS (binary) and PSD. Should there, however, be problems with a specific format, we will contact you directly.

How can I test OnlineMASK?

As a new customer you can test our services for free and without obligation. Therefore, with your first OnlineMASK order you will receive a voucher for three free “economy” clipping paths on your user account.

Signup & provide data

How can I register?

You can register at any time online upon our website www.onlinemask.com (with company registrations please do not forget your VAT registration number). Then you will receive for testing purposes a voucher for 5 images (Economy masking).

How do I create a new order?

You can send the images individually or combined in a directory using OnlineMASK-Sync or via ftp to OnlineMASK.Smaller jobs can be placed via website uploaad.

Please be careful as, after activating the upload process, the order can no longer be stopped!

How do I order express service ?

For those who need their images to be edited quickly , OnlineMASK offers express service for a small extra charge. You will receive the edited images within 4 hours.
To order this service, please contact the OnlineMASK Hotline.
Phone: +49 89 67 80 03 57

How does the upload and download of image data work?

Upload and download via http

  1. Log on to the website
  2. Choose “new order”, select the desired service, and start the upload
  3. For downloading tick the finished job, select the folder “download marked images” and start the download

Upload and download via ftp

  1. Install an ftp-client (e.g. Cyberduck)
  2. ftp registration via ftp.onlinemask.com – enter user name and password
  3. Select the required service in the directory structure and extract the processed images from the corresponding folder.
  4. Download the finished images via the “Done” directory.

Upload and download via OnlineMASK-Sync

  1. Install OnlineMASK-Sync via the OnlineMASK website
  2. Register
  3. Extract the image data from Sync
  4. Select the desired service for the image data
  5. Start the upload
  6. OnlineMASK-Sync automatically stores the prepared paths in the original file

How do I install OnlineMASK-Sync?

After you have registered with us, you can download the OnlineMASK-Sync software using a download link directly from our Internet site. The OnlineMASK-Sync software can be installed on all current Windows and Macintosh systems.

Receive data & payment

How can I collect my images?

We guarantee processing within 24 hours. Also in case of large quantities. As soon as we have completely processed your order you will receive an email. Your images can now be downloaded either via OnlineMASK-Sync or via ftp.

How can I redeem a voucher?


What methods of payment can I use?

Prices are net prices. You can pay us simply by direct debit or by credit card.

How can I complain?


Do you have any further questions concerning OnlineMASK?
If your questions are not completely answered, feel free to contact us!
Phone:+49 (89) 67 80 03-57
email: hotline@onlinemask.com

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