OnlineMASK offers a wide range of services for your perfect photography

Clipping path

With image objects, the main object of the image is provided with a Photoshop clipping path. On this path the image items can be removed from the image without problems. In this way the main object of the image can be placed afterwards upon a different background or used on a montage. Note: the clipping path is not activated for multi-path handling.

Color Correction Masks

During the masking process specific areas of your image are provided with a clipping path for colour correction. In addition the main colours of the object in focus in the image motif will be masked upon the clipping path (one Photoshop path per colour and in addition one Photoshop path for skin and hair in high-end model pictures).

Alpha Masks

With this service we are offering an application for „soft clipping“.  Data will be stored as greyscale image in an alpha channel. For finest details auch as hair.

Clipping on a white background

You want to place all your images on a uniform background? Our “objects on a white background” service separates the image objects using a precise clipping path for the particular environment and places them on a white background. This service includes base optimisation and is particularly suitable for the product illustration in your web shop.

Mounting of interior views of clothing

If you want to feature a complete detailed and multidimensional presentation of clothing in your web shop. Building upon our base optimisation we professionally remove the interior and supplement the item with a matching interior view. For this purpose we need a Photoshop file with a plane for both the front and interior view.

Image editing

With this service parts of the image can be excluded. Mirrored objects and image contents can also be removed. Each service of image editing includes a base optimisation.

Base optimisation

Do you want your images to appear in a better light? With base optimisation we edit your images. Contrast, light and shade are optimised and colour casts softened.

Mirroring objects

The illustration of your product will be mirrored so that it can be better inserted in the complete layout. Every tinny little detail such as logos and signatures are moved into the direction of reading.

Removing structures

You want to depict your product standing alone, free from all distracting features such as people, structures etc. and let it appear in a better light?  We remove all distracting motifs from your item and position it against a neutral background.